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Pro travel tips - October 2022

Workcations- combining work with a vacation. By being realistic about the situation and with a little planning, you can have the best of both worlds. Here are some helpful tips when working and playing mingle productively.

  • Always set intentions with your employer first. Hours, security/login protocols, availability, etc. *Don’t forget to keep in mind any time changes between your destination and your office. Confirm ahead of time there is a secure internet connection from the place you will be working.
  • Don’t forget the necessities- a work laptop, thumb drives, external drives, power cords, and adapters if traveling to another country. Headsets, mouse, wireless keyboard, etc! Missing just one of these items can keep you from being productive.
  • Stay in communication regularly. Plan virtual calls whenever possible. And stick to a schedule that is realistic for everyone.
  • Consider throwing in a padded cushion if you have room in your luggage. While a hotel room may provide you with a desk and chair- or even a business center, some locations may only have a dining chair. Staying comfortable and keeping in mind healthy ergonomic workspaces is important.
  • Remember to schedule regular breaks to get out and enjoy the area you are vacationing at. Lunch by the pool, a walk on the beach. Balance is key.