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Triennial Drill

Friedman Memorial Airport to hold triennial emergency drill

The modified training exercise will not include volunteers due to COVID-19


HAILEY, ID—Aug. 7, 2020—The Friedman Memorial Airport, today, announced it will host its federal-required triennial emergency drill on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020, beginning at 6 p.m.

The full-scale live exercise will simulate a major airport disaster and test emergency coordination and response skills of the airport and its partner first responders.

“This year’s exercise will be a little different as we will not use community volunteers to play the role of passengers and bystanders,” said Airport Director Chris Pomeroy. “While we will certainly miss interacting with them, their safety and well-being are first and foremost —especially in light of the COVID-19 virus. 

Once the exercise kicks off, local residents should expect to see smoke and an increased level of police, fire, and ambulance activity at the airport. 

“Residents near the airport should not be alarmed,” added Pomeroy. “We’re just making sure our skills are up-to-date. These skills are important, but they have a shelf-life and must be renewed on a regular basis per Federal Aviation Administration requirements. While we hope we never have to use them here at SUN, our emergency response coordination and capabilities need needs to be fresh so we can save lives and protect property—COVID-19 or not.”

As an airport that serves the airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration requires all such airports to conduct a full-scale exercise every three years.

For questions regarding the exercise, please contact Greg Beaver (SUN Training Officer, A.M.F.) at 208-788-4956, extension 161.