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Triennial Drill

Friedman Memorial Airport’s Triennial Emergency Drill

The Friedman Memorial Airport announced today, it will host the federal-required triennial emergency drill on September 26, 2023, beginning at 6:00 pm – Participants are required to arrive at 4:00 pm.

A triennial drill is a type of training exercise that is conducted every three years to test and evaluate the readiness and effectiveness of the airport’s emergency response teams in responding to various scenarios and threats.

During the drill, airport personnel, including firefighters, police officers, and medical personnel, are put through a series of simulated situations that could include anything from a plane crash to a terrorist attack or a major fire. These exercises are designed to test the emergency response teams’ ability to work together as a team, their communication skills, and their ability to follow procedures under pressure.

The drill may involve simulating the evacuation of a damaged aircraft, the rescue of injured passengers, or the containment of a hazardous material spill. It can also test the airport’s security procedures and coordination with local emergency response agencies.

The triennial drill is an important part of maintaining the safety and security of airport operations. It allows emergency response teams to identify areas of weakness and develop strategies for improving their performance, both individually and as a team. By conducting regular drills, airport personnel can be better prepared to respond to any unexpected emergency situation, ensuring the safety of passengers and airport employees.

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