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Airline news - October 2022

Looking to trim the fat this Thanksgiving? Well maybe not with the gravy and stuffing -but how about with those airline tickets? Here are some helpful tips when flying this holiday season.

If a turkey could fly he would do it when no one was looking…especially on Thanksgiving. Fly when no one else might be willing to. An early Thanksgiving morning flight that can still get you there in time for the early evening dinner might be much lower than the day before. Even consider a red-eye flight. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to checking out other dates.

Use online price tracking tools. They really do work. Simply enter your dates and you will be alerted when a ticket reaches the best deal. 

Just like stuffing goes with turkey, the best deal is when you book a hotel with a flight. Third-party booking sites often give the best deals when you combine items like rental cars, hotels, flights, and sometimes tickets to events. Also check out our local airlines for their rates/packages. Alaska, Delta, and United Airlines.

Do you have some frequent flyer miles you forgot about? Check those balances!