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Environmental Assessment

The FMAA Board is interested in acquiring approximately 385 acres of the Eccles Flying Hat Ranch for runway protection and obstruction removal purposes. This land acquisition will address one of the issues identified in the 2016 update of the Airport Master Plan — the need to improve control of the Runway Protection Zone (RMZ) at the south end of the airport.

The subject property abuts the south boundary of the airport and sits on the west side of Highway 75. The FMAA Board, based on a mutual decision and in partnership with the FAA, seeks to purchase and preserve this property in its current use (agricultural) to protect against the potential future introduction of safety hazards to airport approach and departure surfaces.

The proposed land acquisition is supported by the City of Hailey council members, appointed FMAA Board members, as well as the Blaine County Commissioners.

A small portion of the property adjacent to the Atlantic Aviation facility will also be included in the Environmental Assessment (EA) as a potential future location for aircraft parking and hangers, consistent with the current Master Plan adopted by the FMAA Board and the FAA-approved Airport Layout Plan. The inclusion of this portion of the property in the EA is for analysis only, it is more efficient and cost-effective to include it now as part of the larger study. The FMAA Board may consider at a future time whether it is necessary to develop this small portion of the land.

Proposed Project